Fighting Quick Guide


The same weapons used in Hunting will also cause harm in another player, but there is no friendly fire in the game, except in two occasions:

  1. - A mission that has pVp activated. Usually missions where you need to combat enemy players.
  2. - If a player authorized pVp with another player.

Why I need to authorize someone to attack me? Since TESS-GEN uses it's own battle rules, it don't make use of the Pushing and Health options in a sim or parcel. A TESS-GEN weapon can hurt anyone that is using the HUD in any place. To prevent grieving with the system, a player can be only attacked if the attacker has authorization for it. And when you authorize a player to attack you, you can attack this person too.

To authorize someone to attack you, the other player need to make a request for pVp mode. It is made in the HUD menu, option Battle Setup. This will open the Battle Setup menu, and the player need to select Ask Permission, and then a name from the list. This list will show only players that are wearing the HUD in a range of 50 meters.

The selected person will then receive the request with a pop-up menu, with the options to accept the request (giving permission) and deny it.

The HUD also has the option Block All Reqs, that will not allow the player to be listed in the Ask Permission menu. This way the player will not be spammed with requests.

Other options in Battle Setup: List Permissions will show all player names you allow to attack you, and clear Permissions will clear this list.

When player has permission to attack another, the weapon will damage the Health of the player that was shoot. Consult Weapons section for more information about how weapons works.

To diminish the damage taken from an attack, you can wear Apparel with armor value.