Game HUD


The Game HUD is the most important object, without it you cannot play.

It will show all your stats, the quick slots for the Backpack, allows you to level up your skills when you have enough Skill Points, set options for Fighting - pVp, and much more.

Icons and Indicators

In the left side of the HUD you will find three icons, in the following order (top to down):

  • Options menu: will opem a menu with all options available.
  • Stats: output your full stats in the local chat.
  • Quick slots: if you are wearing the Backpack this icon will open its quick slots menu.

In the middle there is the stats bars in the following order: Hunger, Thirst, Energy, Health, Comfort (Weather), and Experience. If you click in the small white icons bellow them the HUD will tell the value of these stats in local chat.

In the right portion the icons will appear only when required, and are (in the order for top row):

  • Weather: will show a Sun if you are in a hot area, a snowflake in a cold area, or nothing if the temperature is inside your range (weather affinity).
  • News: this icon will appear when there is a notice from the game to be read. Just click on it to read the notice and dismiss the icon.
  • Sickness: if you have contracted a disease or have an injury, a red heart will appear here.

At right too, there is more indicators, below the three icons:

  • Tool icon: a big icon, will appear when you wear a tool or a weapon.
  • Experience earned: this can be hard to see something, will show for 2 seconds how many experience points you earned.
  • Ammo: show the ammunition of a weapon, or baits if you are wearing the fishing rod.

HUD Menu Options

  • X: just close the menu.
  • Stats: same as the stats icon.
  • Help: will open this wiki.
  • Skills: open the Skills menu.
  • Apparel: open the Apparel menu.
  • Battle Setup: open the Battle Setup (PvP).
  • Missions: will load the webpage with your missions history.
  • Recipes: will load the webpage with all your learned recipes.
  • Health Data: will open the webpage with your medical history.
  • Backpack: will call the Backpack menu if you are wearing it. Just to be easy to access it if you can't touch the Backpack.

Some options aren't fully functional, even if the menu already exists. For the start the more important is to learn to pay attention to the indicators and how to use the Backpack.

Skills Menu

This menu allows you to list all skills with the points you have set for them, and also will show how many Skill Points you have available. If you have a Skill Point to spend, the menu will have the option 'Use Points', that will open another menu for you to choose the skill you want to level up.

Apparel Menu

This menu will allow you to list all apparel you are wearing with their stats, and also reload the apparel if it didn't loaded properly (yes, it can happens in lagged sims)

Battle Setup

Controls how the menu will react with PvP missions and requests from other players. The menu exists, but this functionality is under implementation.

This page is a draft and need more work. And due to a misconfiguration in our wiki that need to be fied, we can't use images in the pages.