How to Play


Registering an account

To play TESS-GEN you need first to register your account. To do this, just get and wear the HUD, touch it and it will ask some questions you need to answer to get your account registered. These questions are related to:

You need to choose a Class to belong to, that will control your skills. The game has 3 classes: Operational, Engineering, and Medical. For more information about them, check Roles and Classes.

Game Difficulty Also called Game Mode, has two options:

  • Normal: player need to take care of all stats, including Comfort, that reacts as explained in Weather System section. Activities like cooking recipes, fixing units, performing missions, gives variable experience. Hunger, Thirst and Energy changes over time and are also affected by actions.
  • Easy: in this level Comfort decay much slower than the Normal mode when player is affected by the Weather System. Also Hunger, Thirst and Energy will decay slower. Actions, no matter the source, will gives only 1XP. Diseases are active in Easy mode as they are in Normal mode, and will affect all other stats.

Weather Affinity This will determine which temperatures you can face without the need of protection. The menu will show the list of options available for Humans. For more information check the Weather System section.

The last menu will ask if you are sure with your options, to finish the registration. You can stop and restart at any time, just need to touch the HUD to start again.

You will be for now registered as Human, and with Role Civilian. The other roles are reserved only for the elves and their trustworthy staff. And the alien races will be available when all the staff and equipment of the DNA Laboratories arrive at our space station. When this happen, you can ask to be redesigned as DES (DNA Engineering Subject) for one of the available races.

DISCLAIMER: we have the right to deny the registration of players if their past actions with any TESS game (Alienum, UFOBots, Ted'Mer) or related groups were based in spamming, cheating, hacking, and fraud,

Important: changing your account information can be made for free only once. We did this to prevent players jumping from class to class trying to get advantage. Also the Play Mode can be change only every 15 days.

Another Important Point: the game is entering Open Beta stage. Due to some problems in the past (explained in the Letter From Devs, this beta is an Early Access stage. Only register into the game if you are willing to face the problems a beta phase can have. TESS-GEN can be played for free, but this way will take much more time to progress in the game. Most of the items in the game are paid (but tradeable).

Basic of gameplay

To play the game you will need to maintain your stats high. For this you need to drink to reduce Thirst, eat to reduce Hunger, and sleep or use energetic bars to raise your Energy. As explained in Player Stats, your stats will decrease over time as well performing game duties. So, have Food and Drink stored, also a place to sleep (need to be a TESS-GEN Bed or any other energy recovery unit). Check the section Backpack for some information about how to store Food and Drink.

How you will play will depend on what you want to do. We suggest you read the quick guides to have an idea about what each class do and can do in the game. Also, join the TESS-GEN Official Group to receive news and talk with other players.

Another tip: don't go buying all things the game has. You will NOT need all. Check the quick guides, see what each set of activities has, talk to other players to get tips on how to start. Don't go hoarding items too fast, because TESS-GEN is different from a farming game.

Quick Guides:

We suggest you to also check these sections before starting to play: