The TESS-GEN Apparel is made to protect player from weather conditions, and also can provide armor protection when in pVp battles, hunting, or fighting against NPC enemies and monsters.

There is various ways to get an Apparel:

  • - Buy one at game main store or Marketplace.
  • - Create one with the proper recipes and crafting stations.
  • - If you have a modifiable apparel you like, you can buy just only the TESS-GEN Apparel Script and add it to your apparel.

Note that the Apparel Script come with the traits already set, you cannot change the value of protection, for example.

The traits that an Apparel has are:

  • - Area of protection: can be Head, Chest (Upper Body), Legs, Feet, and a Cape that add to your overall apparel set.
  • - Protection: how much it will protect you. This can be a value that will be Warm or Cool.
  • - Armor: the amount of protection against weapons shots and NPC/critter attack.
  • - Durability: this decay over time (on use), and when player get hurt by a weapon or monster/NPC. When 0, Armor and Protection will not work. An Apparel can be fixed using a Clothing Repair Box (that can be bought at the Main Store or crafted in a crafting unit TBD.

Note that the free scripts you can get at the Main Store cannot be repaired when Durability reaches 0. They were made only to showcase the system.

For the game, an avatar body has four areas that can be protected, as stated before, plus the cape. You can wear only one piece for each area. Even if you wear more than one, the HUD will use only the first one detected. For example, you cannot wear two Apparels that protect the Head, the HUD will use only one and will ignore the others. The right usage is one script for each area.