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TESS_GEN is a RPG game that runs inside Second Life, and is currently under development.

Game HQ Location:

TESS-GEN is a complex game that require reading at least the topics in the First Steps section before starting to play.

Check the Letter From Devs, that explain the actual stage of the development, and other information about the game.

Actual game version: 0.5 (Open Beta) - Check how to participate in the Open Beta Testing

All information provided here reflects the actual stage of development of the game, and can change due to a variety of factors (mostly improvement on how some items works)

The Basics
First Steps Player profile Survival Material Storage
Quick Guides Lists Game Items
Plants Farm Fields Processing Units
Crafting Units Storage Mines
Hunting Vendors Other Uses
Mushroom Spores Seeds Tools
Weapons NPCs Recipes
Apparel Ingredients

TESS-GEN will be present at the Second Life SciFi Convention (May 15-24, 2020), for more information check here.
Next implementations
These are future implementations that will be added to the game: