The Backpack is a special storage item that allow player to carry food, drink, medicine, ingredients (and any other item we can think of later). Works only when attached, and all data is stored in the server, not in the backpack.

The player has only one backpack, that is created when the account is created.

Also backpacks has levels, that determines how much the player can carry. Leveling up your backpack means spending L$ with a NPC vendor in the game's HQ land, and can be done only level by level (you can't pay directly to level up a level 1 backpack to level 5. You need to buy all intermediary levels).

When you create your account, a record for the backpack level 1, filled with Food and Drinks, will be created. You then go to the TESS-GEN Main Store and get one of the free Backpack Starter Skins (only the invisible is available for now). Since you can have only one backpack, skins are just makeup for the backpack, but you need to have at least one to be able wot use the backpack.

More skins will be available in the game later, in special occasions like Holidays, or a craftable item with a special recipe. But remember, skins are just make-up, they don't add another backpack, nor increase the carrying capacity.

The backpack is divided into:

  • Quick Slots, where Food, Drink and Medicine is loaded, and is limited to 8 slots with a maximum capacity. The quick slots are used to consume items.
  • Ingredients: that can hold a number of different ingredients with a maximum capacity for each. They can be used only in recipes.

The HUD has an icon to directly access the Quick Slots, and also the option 'Backpack' in the main menu to call the Backpack menu if you can't touch the backpack directly.

Backpack menu options

  • Inventory: Will list all the contents
  • Load Quick: Use to load Food, Drink or Medicine in the Quick Slots. You need to be close to a container with them.
  • Load Ingredients: Like above but for Ingredients
  • Consume: Open the Quick Slots menu, allowing you to consume an item. This is the same menu opened by the quick slots button in the HUD.

Important: Food, Drink, Medicine, and Ingredients loaded into the backpack cannot be take out back to a storage/container. They can be only consumed or used in recipes. So, there is no way to farm free ingredients from Gathering Points and sell them later.


To upgrade your backpack go to the Main Store at the game HQ, and search for Ebari, the Backpacks vendor NPC. Touch the NPC to start the dialog. The available levels with their respective values are listed below:

Level Quick Slot Capacity Max Ingredients Max Stack per Ingredient Price to upgrade
1 5 10 5 Created with account registration
2 7 15 10 500
3 10 20 15 1450
4 12 25 20 2500