Fishing Quick Guide


Note: this page is being written. Wait for more information about Fishing.

Fishing is a skill that belongs to the Operational class.

Don't think that fishing in TESS-GEN will be easy: you will need to deal with the right bait for the water type if you want to catch something valuable during fishing tournaments. Also you Energy will be drained in each cast (no matter if you catch something or not), and also Hunger and Thirst will increase,

To fish you need to find the Fishing Spots, special servers that allows players fish in a land, inside a range. Each server has its own water type, that cannot be changed.

For more information about fishing spots (servers) and tournaments, consult the section Fishing Servers

Water types

Some types of fish and ingredients occurs only in certain types of water. Also, to catch them in tournaments you need to use the proper bait for the water. Remember: the type of water is set by the Fishing Server you buy, so try to put it in your land in a place that make sense.

Fresh: usually rives and lakes.

Ocean: need to give an example? Well, the water around a sim can be considered Ocean.

Foul: found in swamps or polluted areas, requires Insects as bait. Perfect for you Halloween scenery.

Types of Baits

Normal bait: is the conventional bait that can be used in any type of water. It catches common fish and have a very low chance (like 0.05%) of getting something valuable in tournaments. This bait is useful if you need tons of fish for cooking, Bio Digestor or Compost Bin. Normal bait can be crafted from fish in stoves.

Worms: used in salt water (Ocean). Can be acquired as random item while harvesting some types of plants (usually grain ones). Higher Farming increases chances of getting them. Required if you want to catch something else than normal fish in torunaments.

Insects: like Worms, earned usually from fruit or vegetable plants. Used in Foul waters.

Fungus: gathered from mushrooms as random item. Used in Fresh water.

The 'special' baits, Worms, Insects, and Fungus, also has recipes to produce 'fake' baits of these types. Don't worry, they aren't in fact fake, we just put this on the name, like 'Fake Fungus', to differentiate the real ones that comes from harvest from those that are made by recipes. These recipes are special and probably you will need to complete a not so easy mission to learn them.

More details about the baits can be found in the Fishing Baits section.

Fishing Equipemt

To fishing in TESS-GEN you need to acquire the proper equipment: Rod and Gear. You buy it in the Main Store or Marketplace (and it is not transfer)

Rod is used to catch the fish. This piece will 'talk' with the fishing spot (server). Wen wearing the rod an icon will appear in your HUD. The only way to fish is using the HUD icon, the Rod will only show a configuration menu if you touch it. Also rod have models, that determines their level (the higher the level the better is the fishing experience) and also have uses. For more information, consult the section Fishing Rod.

Gear: is where you store baits and the fish you catch. It need to be weared while fishing. For more information, consult the Fishing Gear section.