Food and Drinks


To maintain your stats high and don't die, you need Food and Drink to reduce hunger and thirst.

They are also called Consumables and can also increase Energy, Health, and offer protection against the weather.

The consumables are created in crafting units using recipes the player need to learn.

Note that the negatives values will reduce the % of the stat, while the positive will increase. For example the Energy Snack: it will reduce Hunger by 5 points, and increase Energy by 15 and Thirst by 1. The values of each consumable can change without any further notice.

For the consumables that also changes the comfort and temperature, the Points increase the player temperature range by these points. While Comfort will raise the Comfort stats. For example, Espresso will raise Comfort by 5 points, and will increase the range of lower temperature the player can support by 2 degrees for the duration of 5 minutes.

Since TESS-GEN is a sci-fi/fantasy game with its own universe, all the food and drink don't need to match real ones, like most farming/living simulators do. You will find a lot of "fantasy" consumables and ingredients.

Actually the game has the following available in the current state (Open Beta 0.5).

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