Lost items


Some items in the game, if lost, can be recovered. How to recover them will depend of each type.

To be considered as "lost", the item usually is a "Rezz Me" object and: was dismissed by mistake when receiving it, lost due to rezing without rights and can't be found in Lost and Found folder (or any folder in you SL inventory), or just didn't came from the delivery servers. If you lost an already loaded "rez me" object, contact game staff.

And, yes, for some we put the interaction with a NPC to make game more dynamic and realistic. If you ask for support in chat for these items, probably someone will send you to talk to the NPC (then ask for support only if NPC fails).

Note: all NPCs are located only in the game's HQ sim, The Elven Starship.

Item type Where What to do?
Waxed Bag Fishing Bay Talk to Ashera
Containers Crafter's Quarters Talk to Tekume
Hunting Bags Forest Talk to Hensine
Weapons Crafter's Quarters Talk to Arus
Tools Crafter's Quarters Talk to Sil-Ade
Units. Fields, Stations Main Hall Use the Support Ticket Portal, because this case need to be handled by the game staff

Important! Items from fields, plants, or any type of transfer, cannot be recovered. If you took too much time to provide a container after Harvesting a field, the harvest result will be lost! The recovery of lost items works only for the ones that are "rez me first", not ingredients.