MREs (Meal Ready to Eat) are a way to consume and sell Food and Drinks. They allows you to add up to 8 different types of foods and drinks and apply your own texture as label. You can eat food from them (like a lunchbox) or sell them to other players.

MREs are sealed packages that vanish when empty, and don't accept more items.

To create MREs you will need a MRE Packaging Unit, some material for the packages, and the food and drink you want to pack.

Let see a pratical example of a MRE package:

Cheese Burger and Fries

To create a MRE with cheese Burger and Fries in a paper bag, you need:

  • MRE Packaging Unit
  • Sheet of paper (in a container)
  • Cheese Burger in a container or storage unit
  • Fries in a container or storage unit

You will need to sit in the Packaging Unit (like any other crafting unit). Then you can start.

  1. - In the menu choose "Pack Model", a new menu "Creating package" will show. click "Add" (check table below) and them touch the container with the paper sheet to load it. If you entered the right material the button "Create" will appear to finish creating the pack and go back to Load menu.
  2. - Select "Load" in the menu, then touch the container with the Cheese Burger. Menu will now add it to the "Loaded Items" list.
  3. - Select "Load" and then touch the container with Fries, it will be added to menu.
  4. - Select "Label" if you want to change the texture to be used. You need to inform the UUID of the texture.
  5. - Select "Name" if you want to give a custom name for it, like "Uncle's Ben Dinner". The final name of the object will be "TESS-GEN MRE - Uncle's Ben Dinner". If you don't want to inform a custom name, the Packaging Unit will create it like "TESS-GEN MRE - Cheese Burger, Fries".
  6. - To finish, select "Pack" in menu. After some seconds (or minutes) the Food Packaging Server will send the MRE to your inventory.

Important: A new MRE pack will have the name "TESS-GEN - MRE - REZ ME FIRST!". So, rez it first in the ground to properly load it's contents (it will nor work if attached). You always need to do it, even if you will send it to another player. Sending an MRE to another player without rezing it first will damage it and the MRE cannot be recovered.

To use the MRE, touch it to open the menu. It will show all the content. To consume the cheese burger, for example, just click the number of it. You can consume the items from the MRE if it is rezed or attached. When all items are consumed, it will vanish. If attached, it will have the floating text "Empty" in red, will detach and be broken, you can then delete it.

The MRE will store only one quantity of each item. If an item is duplicated, it will considered as a new. For example, if you Load another Fries into you MRE, it will show "Cheese Burger, Fries, Fries" in the menu.

Each package model of MRE has a capacity and material needed to be produced. Check the table below:

Type Material Needed Capacity
Paper Bag 1 sheet of paper 4 items
Cardboard Box 2 sheets of paper 8 items
Thin Can 1 steel scrap 4 items
Survival Can 1 steel ingot 8 items
Plastic Box 1 sheet of plastic 8 items


The MRE isn't the only way to sell food, you can also sell it in Vendors and inside containers. The MRE is just a fancy way to pack and consume food. And sell it, of course.

You don't need to wait for your new MRE arrive to create another one. Just touch the Packaging Unit to bring the menu and start again.

You don't need to rez the new MRE near the Packaging unit or in the same sim it was created. You just need to rez it first on the ground before starting to use or send to another player.

[to-do: video showing the process]