The NPCs (Nom Playable Character) are the automatized helpers of the game, and they can do a variety of tasks, that includes recovering lost "rez me" objects, giving missions, selling items and upgrades, and much more. Some NPCs are just to populate the sim and can't interact with players. (To interact with a NPC, you need to tuch it, or say in local chat "Hello, [name of the NPC]".

The NPCs for now, in the beta stages, are only small aliens (the Eiri mesh avatar). We pretend to turn all of them into the space elves, each with its own characteristics, as soon as possible.

Below a list of the know NPCs and their abilities:

Name Location Ability
Ashera Fishing Bay Recover lost "rezz me" Waxed Bags
Tekume Crafter's Quarters Recover lost "rezz me" Containers
Hensine Forest Recover lost "rezz me" Hunting Bags
Arus Crafter's Quarters Recover lost "rezz me" Weapons
Sil-Ade Crafter's Quarters Recover lost "rezz me" Tools