Plants are game items that produces ingredients over time, and have a limited number of use. Plants can also give the player a chance to earn insects at each harvest (see Fishing Baits for more information on Insects), and some also can give wood logs after the last use. Insects and Log are random occurrences and depends on Fishing and Farming skills levels respectively.

Also some plants can give an additional ingredient, different of the main one, at every even harvest.

Plants don't need pruning, they only require water and correct weather conditions. Plants uses the same temperature ranges available for players when registering in the game, and they will be affected by the Thermostat. If not Thermostat found in the land, they will consider land temperature as the default one (for more information, consult Weather System). If the plant is in a not supported local temperature, the grow time will starts to suffer "lag". The time will be expanded and the remaining time will not reflect the actual growing time. The plant text will turn red if the plant is suffering under the weather conditions.

Some premium plants don't have limit on uses, and are called "eternal plants". These are very rare and available only in a few special occasions.

Trees are classified as Plants too.

List of available plants
Name Uses Produce Growth Time
Rattan Palm 15 Rattan - 3 units 5 days
Apple Tree 15 Apple - 5 units 5 days