Recipes are used in crafting stations and cooking appliances, to create food, drinks, and an infinity of game items. In TESS-GEN recipes works like the ones in classic RPG games and The Sims: you need to learn the recipe first.

You receive some books fro basic food and drinks crafting in your welcome pack, when you register in the game. Other recipes can be learned reading book in Bookshelves, can also be earned (with random chances) talking to NPCs, doing missions, or in Sealed Bottles caught during fishing tournaments.

Also recipes have a minimum skill level requirement, you can learn recipes of any level, but you can use them only when you reach the level of the skill the recipe belongs to.

Example: you can read a book and learn a Cooking recipe level 5, but having skill Cooking at level 3, you can't use it. You need to be Cooking level 5 or higher to use the recipe.

Recipe books found in Sealed Bottles can be traded with other players.

List of available recipes. You can also see this page alone: Recipes List. Important: this list show all the recipes available in the game, if you want to know which ones you can craft, use the option Recipes in your HUD menu to open the proper listing.