Roles and Classes


Roles are used to identify what the player do in the game, what is its status. Every player is in the Civilian role and the role cannot be changed. The other roles are used to identify the game staff and owners.

Classes help define the careers the player want to pursue, and each has its own set of Skills. But having its own set of skills doesn't mean that someone that have choose the Medicine class can't cook. Activities of skills are available to everyone that meet the minimum level criteria for that skill. The only difference between classes is that skills that DO NOT belong to the player class will cost 2 Skill Points to level up, instead of 1. This way a Medic can do fishing, but to level up the fishing skill will cost the double.

A quick explanation of the available Classes (because we didn't finished yet all things they can do):

  • Operational: is the most basic one, and can be seen as the "production" class. It governs the skills of Farming, Crafting, Fishing. This is the class for those that want to enjoy just farming or fishing, or contribute to provide food and materials.
  • Medic: responsible fro creating drugs and healing injured and sick players.
  • Engineering: responsible for creating chemical components, and also advanced tools and weapons.