The objective of TESS-GEN is to let Second Life users have more choices of fun activities to do.

TESS-GEN is NOT a game to earn money. It is not the primary objective. It can generate revenue and can have a market built around it, but this part is not an obligation of the developers to implement. Spending money in this game is at your own risk, don't come bothering the developers saying you invested money in the game and isn't getting a return.

Also, TESS-GEN developers and game masters are NOT responsible for any side RPG that will come along with the main game (due to its structure). TESS-GEN don't have IC, not even in the main sim. The IC part is controlled by the server and the game NPCs to interact with the player. Any other level of interaction between players, specially the classic way of playing RPG inside Second Life, will not have support from TESS-GEN staff. In a nutshell: don't come bothering us with your problems with other players, unless players are trying to disrupt the game itself.

RP groups cannot disturb other players that are in the main sim.

Be respectful in the chat of the official group. And, please, don't scream (don't use caps locks)! You can get banned from the group if you scream too much.

Copy-bot or any attempt in trying to cheat the game will result in ban.

Players that engaje in pVp mode in other people land (including the game HQ), and cause trouble with this action, will be banned.

Banned players don't have refunds rights from any game item they bought. Don't insist. Play nice and by the rules and you will be fine.

If you tried to cheat any other TESS game (or any other game overall) you were added to our blacklist and can't even create an account. You can try with an alt, but we will catch you eventually. Yes, Smartshop-gg, we are talking about you and your alts.

We DO NOT replace game items that were brake in an attempt to cheat the game. DO NOT insist! The following avatars are know for "hacking" and cheating games inside SL, don't buy from them: Sparklea Resident (banned from SL), Sparkle’s Souk (SparkleSouk Resident), 777gr Resident (banned from SL), Vinniec Resident, Petra Polik, Roran Spyker, Volterius Rasa, Awen Naire, Gemstone Market, (Cherry Spot), spartanos1 Resident, CALEA (spartacus Elman), Molly Welty, (Smartshop Resident), TheFarmerOfGor Resident, The Giftcard Shop (giftcardshop), AmarettoShop,™ - Gacha Retail (smartgacha), ABCHorses, CannabiSL, smartshopper Resident. Also avoid avatars with names that is just a random bunch of characters, like 8eqps6g301, they usually are alts.

Note: more rules will be added if necessary.