Tools are used in some actions in the game, like repairing, harvesting, tending field, working in blacksmithing.

Some actions require the proper tool, or you can't do it. This is the case of repairing damaged units, that require the use of a Repair Hammer. For other actions tools are optional and usually speed up the process.

Each tool has a number of uses (reliability), that when reaches zero the tool is broken and need to be deleted (our tools don't get repaired, you need new ones).

They can also have Speed, that will reduce the time taken for an action. This value is related to the Level of the tool. The higher the level, the faster you will work. Of course high Level tools will required high crafting skill level to be crafted.

Tools can be made in the following units: Woodworking Station, Forge, Advanced Crafting Station, and require the player know the recipe for it for the proper level. Example: to make a Sickle Level 5 you will need to know the respective recipe and have the Crafting skill at least at level 5.

[to-do: list of tools: name, uses, level, material required]