Cooking Quick Guide


Cooking - Operational Class

Cooking is the skill that controls the ability to make Food and Drink, basically. Leveling up the skill will allow the player to use more advanced recipes.

The cooking activity requires a few things: ingredients and crafting units.

Ingredients can be harvested from plants (Farming skill), get from Fishing, found in Gathering Points. You can also trade ingredients with other players.

Recipes are required to prepare a Food or Drink, and they are related to a crafting unit, a skill, and also has levels. When you register your account, you already learn some basic recipes. To learn a new recipe you can: do a mission offered by a NPC, catch recipe books during fishing tournaments, buy them at Main Store (and probably other ways we can think about).

Crafting Units are objects that allows you to prepare Food or Drink using recipes. When you are browsing our store, you will see in the objects ADs which skill they require, and its type. Remember that the type of the unit limits the recipes you can use on them. Example: you can't use a recipe that requires an Oven in a Stove.

Probably you will need some Production Units too, depending on how far you want to go into the cooking world. A basic unit that is required is the Water Filter, that converts Water into Filtered Water, that is the one used in recipes.

Most Crafting Units requires fuel to operate, without fuel you can't use them. The game has some different types of fuels, and the units can accept one type or more. Most of them use Gas, that can be obtained in Bio Digestors from fish, silage, and waste (and can be also obtained sometimes during fishing tournaments in Foul waters).

And talking about waste, the game has some different sources of Waste. One is when a recipe go wrong, the other is the waste generated by a recipe. Not all recipes generates waste, it usually comes from recipes that use eggs (egg shells are the waste), banana (and any other fruit or vegetable with tick skin). The list of recipes will indicate which ones generate waste. To collect the waste you need to have a Trash Bin close to the Crafting Unit.

Cooking - Engineering Class

The Chemistry skill also allows to create some Food and Drink recipes using the Food Replicators. The recipes used in the replicators are set to the chemistry skill, and you will need to raise this skill up to be allowed to use advanced recipes.