Seeds requires Farm Field to be planted and grow. At the end of the growing process, the field can be harvested to give ingredient.

After the harvest, the field is empty and require a new seed.

Fields don't have type, the amount of water needed is controlled by the seed type. The seeds are divided into 3 categories for the water requirement:

  • Arid: seed consume only one unit of water every two hours
  • Normal: seed consume two units of water every two hours
  • Water: seed consume four units of water every two hours

During the harvest, player have a random chance of earning Worms (a type of Fishing Baits), an extra seed bag of same type, and more units of the item harvested. The chances depends on the player Farming skill level. Also, some seeds can give a secondary item in a random chance too. For example, Corn can give Silage.

Seeds need to be bought in the game's HQ, and come in bags with 3 seeds or more. Only one seed is required in a field. You can also find players selling spare seed bags they earned during harvests (that have from 1 to 3 seeds, nothing more).

No extra care is needed for the seed, like everyday tending. Tending is required only when seed is planted. The requirements for a seed to grow are water and the right temperature range. Without water the seed will stop growing. Farm Fields can hold up to 50 units of water. To water a field you need to have a water tank or a water barrel near the field, then touch the field and select 'Load Water' in menu. The Irrigation System provides water continuously, removing the need of the player to touch and select 'Load Water' in every field.

Seeds uses the same temperature ranges available for players when registering in the game, and they will be affected by the Thermostat. If no Thermostat found in the land, they will consider land temperature as the default one (for more information, consult Weather System). If the field is in a local temperature the seed don't support, the seed grow time will starts to suffer "lag". The time will be expanded and the remaining time will not reflect the actual growing time. The field text will turn red if the plant is suffering under weather conditions.

Seeds don't require the field be fertilized when they are planted, but the growth time will be increased 25% in this case. If you plant a seed in a fertilized field, the time will be normal for the seed. If you add the fertilizer after planting the seed, the time will be reduced 10% (you end with a 15% increase of time as penalty for not planting in a fertilized field). For more information about Fertilizers, consult Compost Bin section.

Speed Grow is a chemical fertilizer (requires Chemistry skill to be produced) that can reduce growth time up to 25%. It can be applied in fertilized and not fertilized fields.

When planting a seed, the time required to tend the field will depend of your Farming skill level, as well the tool you are wearing. The same applies when Harvesting. For more information about tools used in farm fields, consult the section Tools.

Check the Farm Field section for more information about the options of a farm field and how it works.

The following seeds are available in the game: