Storing and managing game items


TESS-GEN uses the concept of containers to store ingredients and materials, instead of sending the ingredient as an object or storing it only in the server.

For example, to receive the harvest of a farm field, you need to have a container rezed close to the field (you can wear it too). The harvest will be stored inside this container. You can also then use the ingredients in these containers to craft items (like food), transfer to other containers with more capacity, an even sell the filled containers to other players.

The following types of storage are available:

  • Containers: in a variety of models, have a number of uses and capacity (quantity they can store). They store only one material at a time and types they accept depends of their models.

  • Backpack: special storage that need to be weared by the player, and allow to store some quantities of food, drink, medicine, and ingredients.

  • MRE: Meal Ready to Eat. This is a special container to consume and sell food, allowing the player to create custom packs of food. They cannot be re-used or have more items added. After emptied they will vanish. MREs and the backpack are the only available options to consume Food or Drinks actually.

  • Drug Box: like MRE, but specific for medicine.

  • Waxed and Hunter Bags: these bags are received during fishing contests and from hunting. They come filled with a variety of items (usually from 1 to 3). They can be sold, but the only way to use their contents is transferring to another storage, like a container or the backpack. They cannot be re-used or have more items added. After emptied they will vanish.

  • Storage Units: can store more than one material at a time, while a limited quantity for each material, and also a limited number of materials. They work like containers, allowing to add and transfer items. They have durability, and need to be repaired when the durability is low (when is 0% they stop to work).

  • Gathering Points: looks like storages, but they aren't. These special object are owned only by the game masters, and actually found only in the main sim. Once a day the player can touch a gathering point to try to get a free ingredient, that is loaded into the backpack.