Open Beta Testing


== Testing Open Beta - HUD / Weather System / Consumables (backpack) ==

For the first part we want to test the Game HUD and its reaction to the weather system, and also how the stats will react to food and drinks and the overall use of the HUD.

= What we need now is:

  • Players to get and wear the HUD the maximum amount of time possible. We need to see how stats changes. You will earn 1 experience points every 2 hours if in Normal mode, and 4 hours if in Easy mode, while you are wearing the HUD (this is a main feature, not only for the beta).
  • Landowners to set the weather system for tests. If they are Alienum landowners, better, it will help have a flow of users with the HUD on.

= How to get the HUD and register:

  • Go to the TESS-GEN HQ (the white big building close to the Alienum HQ), and get the HUD in one of the vendors.
  • Wear the HUD and answer the simple questions it will ask. For more information about these questions, check How to Play. You can touch the HUD any time to start the registration process. The HUD will not work if you don't complete the registration.
  • After you complete your registration, you are able to start to play. For now we only have the HUD, Weather System, and Backpack, but we are working to make the crafting part, hunting, fishing, and missions ready soon.
  • For more information on how to use the HUD, check the Game HUD section.

= Backpack, Consumables, and Ingredients

  • A record for the Backpack filled with food and drinks will be created, you just need to get a free model in the backpack vendor at the store (it is below the main building). For now only the Invisible model is available. You will need to wear the Backpack to use it.
  • We will scatter some gathering points (barrels) around the sim (station and ground, including the caverns). These gathering points can give free ingredients that are loaded into the backpack, once a day. The chances of getting something is random (and depends on Dexterity level). You can use them to test how they will react.

= Apparel for weather protection
You also can get for free two scripts for apparel. These scripts will add protection against weather, one for cold, and another for warm areas. Both are for Chest (so you can use only one at a time). Apparel scripts cannot be updated. For more information about these scripts, check the Apparel section. We will add more scripts for sale later.

= How to setup the weather system

  • If you are a sim owner, or is renting a full sim, ask for it to be added to our server with temperature of your choice.
  • if you have a parcel, get the first free Parcel Thermostat in the TESS-GEN store (it is below the main building). But if your parcel will stay in the default temperature of 20°C, you don't need to put a thermostat, the HUD will use the region one if it is also 20ºC.

For more information check the Weather System section.


  • This is a preliminary test with the HUD and the weather system, the most difficult part to debug and track errors. All the other parts of the game will be released as final products, but they all will have updates when necessary (automatic updates for most of them).
  • By participating in the beta you agree to join the official TESS-GEN group (group joiner available in the HQ and bot will try to invite you after the registration is complete), and also report all the problems you find in the game to Sernance Resident (we don't have the ticket system ready yet for this game, so send notecards to him)

If other games runs with a lot of problems, we can launch ours with a few problems :P And we need to launch, money is getting real short.

Game HQ Location: